5 Ways Your Business Could Benefit From Phishing Training

What do your employees know about phishing attacks? If you don’t know what they know, they probably don’t know enough to protect your company from cyber-attacks through phishing scams.

Installing top-of-the-line firewalls and anti-malware software is critical to fighting off cybercriminals and their malicious attacks on your servers. However, without proper education, your employees might not recognize a phishing email or know not to click on an embedded link. One wrong click, and your company becomes wide open to malware. 

Education is critical! Check out these five reasons why your business could benefit from phishing training. 

1. Raise Awareness

Phishing attacks can be difficult to recognize before it’s too late. When an employee doesn’t know what to look for to distinguish between a legitimate email from a trusted source vs. a phishing email, your company is at risk! 

Teaching employees the red flags of a fake email and best practices for safe network use while using company computers helps keep your company safer.

2. Reduce Costs

Cyberattacks are expensive to fix and hard to trace. Your business financials and accounts could be in the hands of a cybercriminal before you realize what happened. When a hacker has access to your customers’ private information, you open yourself up to a lawsuit. 

Proper training and the right security software and protocols are a small price to pay for protecting your company’s finances and customer data. 

3. Remain Compliant

Speaking of customer data, privacy is not just a good rule of thumb—it’s the law. From HIPAA compliance to other privacy laws and regulations, your company must handle customer and employee private data according to the laws. When hackers have access to your secure data, you risk violating the law in addition to the risk of a lawsuit. 

Violating privacy law can result in harsh penalties, including fines and a loss of the ability to conduct your business. Educating your employees about phishing scams can help you stay in business and compliant within the law. 

4. Remain Reputable

A company with a data breach quickly faces a reputation management crisis. Not only are you paying to fix the breach and additional security measures, but your company’s reputation also pays a price that can lead to a loss of business. 

One mistake from an employee can cause a damaging ripple effect on your company’s ability to continue operating and generating income. 

5. Rally Your Troops

When your employees all have the same understanding of cybersecurity and phishing scams, they can come together as a team to protect a common interest—the company! Educated employees can work more confidently, knowing they have the training to recognize a phishing attack and report it before hackers have a chance to take advantage of your network. 

Phishing Training Benefits Your Bottom Line

Having confident employees who know how to conduct business safely helps your company’s bottom line! Our team offers comprehensive phishing training to help companies protect their business from the inside out. When you’re ready to set up your training solution, contact us!  

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