Footprinting for Generic Business

Many businesses today use services like Microsoft or even Amazon for their every day needs. Because of this, we’ve created some spoof email addresses that mimic the top consumer web addresses today.  Hackers often get away with phishing using this tactic because people want their Amazon boxes, check the latest score, and catch up on the latest celebrity gossip, so we’re here to train your employees against following to spot this tactic and stop clicking unknown links, opening attachments, or submitting login informationation.

Industry-Specific Footprinting

For industry-specific footprinting, we find out what kinds of services are important to your company. After scoping out the services, we create the tailored phishing emails accordingly. We create emails based off of what is important to use in your industry.  From banking partners to Human Resources services we craft the tailored emails to fit your specific business partners.

Internal Communication Footprinting

If you want to take it a step further, check out our internal communication footprinting service. We create the phishing emails that have the same name as your employees using your company’s internal jargon and slang, but all will be sent from different email address that spoofs another employee email. This is a common way to trip your employees up, so why not train them?

The Solution