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Why does your church need to care about email phishing?


Since the beginning of COVID, phishing attacks are up an estimated 600%


83% of organizations said they experienced phishing attacks in 2019


94% of malware is delivered via email

What is at risk?

Member information

The typical church has a lot of personal information about its members, including names, kids, kids ages, school, occupation, hobbies, address, phone numbers, and more.


Members want convenient ways to give. Unfortunately, a hacker who has gained access through a phishing attempt could get financial information.

Your Mission

Leaders must be aware that a single phishing email can ruin your mission.

What’s the SOLUTION?

Tools built for your church.



We are a fully managed solution that knows churches. We craft and send nuanced test phishing emails to your staff, just like the real ones.



We are creating behavior change. When a staff person performs the wrong action, a training experience pops up immediately. Helping you know what to look out for next time.



We are providing you peace of mind. Threats never stop. Neither do we. We keep evolving our simulations to ensure you can keep accomplishing your mission.

33% of untrained staff will fall for a phishing email.

Your staff is the front line defense. Hackers are looking to bring down your mission. Ensure your team has the right training in place to prevent that.

“Churches are focused on people. Unfortunately, many churches don’t have the cyber protection in place they need. Churches in the 21st century must take seriously the devastating effects that a phishing attack can have.”

— Chris Cochran VP of consulting, former pastor.

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