Phishing attacks are the number one cyber security threat today.

The problem is most businesses are not prepared.

Phishing Attacks Up to 600%

Since the beginning of COVID phishing attacks have gone up an estimated 600%

3.5 Million Per Breach

3.5 million was the average cost of human error data breaches in 2019

88% of Organizations will be Phished

More than 88% of organizations will deal with nuanced phishing attacks

What is the threat to your business?

Lost revenue

Every day, companies are scammed for thousands of dollars because a uninformed employee fell for a phishing scam.

Lost data

Large and small companies have critical data stolen daily once a hacker has successfully gained access through a nuanced phishing attempt.

Lost customers

Customers do business with companies they trust. Data breaches from phishing attacks are one of the fastest ways to ruin your well-built reputation.

How we protect your company, employees, and customers



We send employees sophisticated phishing emails, like the ones they will receive from bad actors.



We provide regular and ongoing training to ensure your employees are always alert to new cyber threats.



Phishing attackers never stop after a failed attempt. We keep testing and training to ensure you don't get phished again.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a way that hackers use to lure individuals through email into performing an action that can devastate companies, employees, and customers.

One out of every three untrained employees will fall for a phishing scam.

There has to be a better way.

Protect What Matters Most

Every day, businesses lose thousands of dollars and critical data because an employee fell for a phishing scam. At Tactical Phish, we specialize in ongoing human training and regular testing to help eliminate phishing threats. Which results in peace of mind and success for your business, employees, and customers.

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